Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure to Nepal and India and visit the holy sites associated with the Buddha’s life? Maybe you would like to strengthen your connection with the Buddha and his teachings, or just find out what Buddhism is all about.

Are you looking for a transformational tour where you can meditate in places that are spiritually and historically significant? Imagine meditating in the place where the Buddha was enlightened. Such experiences are sure to help kick-start and inspire your practice or simply help you to find more clarity in your life.

The interior of one of the amazing 29 caves at Ajanta

Inside one of the incredible 29 caves at Ajanta

Our 17-day Buddhist pilgrimage to Nepal and India (including optional 4-day caves extension) gives you the unique experience of visiting the most important holy sites of the Buddha (where he was born, passed away, gave his first teaching and became enlightened), as well as exploring the incredible Ajanta and Ellora caves. Some of these caves date back to the 2nd Century. They were carved out to form impressive prayer halls and feature beautiful murals and stone carvings of the Buddha. The workmanship of these caves never fails to impress and inspire anyone who visits them.

MINDAH FINAL 3On this trip you will be led by Mindah-Lee Kumar, an Australian Buddhist teacher and practitioner who has a heartfelt interest in these places and has traveled to them many times. Mindah went on her first Buddhist pilgrimage in 1998 when she was 19 years old; that was her first introduction to Buddhism. Since then she has been on several more pilgrimages, lived in Bodh Gaya for 9 months (where the Buddha gained Enlightenment), was ordained as a Buddhist nun for three years and completed three years of solitary meditation retreats.

This trip is suited to beginners and experienced practitioners alike. You will learn all about the significant sites of the Buddha and have ample time to explore and meditate in these places.

If you’ve ever been to India and Nepal, you will know though that traveling can be difficult with the hotel amenities not always up to Western standards. But having carefully chosen the accommodation, this pilgrimage is specifically designed for Westerners who want to travel comfortably (e.g. great food and hot showers) without losing the essence of a spiritual pilgrimage.

So if you’re looking to embark on a spiritual journey to the holy sites of the Buddha, to meet like-minded travelers and be inspired with some talks and meditations along the way, then make sure you check out our detailed itinerary and the highlights and inclusions.

We look forward to welcoming you on our pilgrimage to the holy sites of the Buddha!
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