Why Go?

Below are some of the benefits of going on a Buddhist pilgrimage:

  • To learn more about Buddhism – you will have plenty of opportunity to find out more about Buddhism, the Buddha and the different Buddhist schools.

  • To share discussions with others – share a journey with like-minded travelers where you can ask questions, discuss the Buddha’s teachings and share stories about your own experiences with Buddhism. Going on a pilgrimage with others creates a unique and lasting connection among fellow pilgrims and you become part of a larger family.

  • An opportunity to practice – leaving behind your busy lives you can give yourself time to immerse yourself in the teachings and practices. You can deepen practices you already know and even learn some new ones.

  • To meditate in the most spiritual places connected with the Buddha – you cannot get closer to the Buddha and his teachings than meditating in the place where the Buddha was enlightened. This is a great opportunity to kick-start or motivate your own practice.

  • To receive the blessings from the holy sites – by merely visiting these sites, let alone doing any practice in them, your body and mind will be blessed as if the Buddha himself had blessed you. You may find yourself more easily adopting wholesome new habits and letting go of unhelpful, old ones.

  • To experience different cultures, sights and sounds – visiting a country that is quite different from our own can have many benefits. Nepal and India are awash with bright colors, unique landscapes and experiences. Not only does this uniqueness heighten an awareness of our senses which helps in our practice of mindfulness, it can also help cultivate a greater appreciation and gratitude of our own lives on our return home.

    Watch Mindah’s video below for more about the benefits of going on pilgrimage.


    Another example of Mindah’s teachings that you could experience on the trip:


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